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Connecting people
and innovative thinking

This year, to complement the inspired thinking within our buildings teams we placed our renowned problem solvers, thinkers, crafters and innovators together and asked "How can we make everyday better?"

With sketchbook, VR, Revit and a good dose of humour our innovative design teams collaboratively produced a collection of works collated into two series.

Celebrate with us the outcome of embracing an ethos of curiosity and ambitious questioning of every detail by joining our collective commitment to the ultimate design practice.

In the first series - ‘People and Projects’ the Beca Buildings teams have selected projects which highlight their ethos of caring for the future through community focused sustainable design and technical innovation. The selected projects are documented as inspiring case studies highlighting the key features at each level of the building to showcase the buildings overall performance. By speaking with our teams our insights not only show our engineers are sustainably focused they are also humble folk who prefer not to be profiled, rather to place ‘the work’ centre stage. Thus, behind each level of a buildings inspiring features know there is a talented collaborative design team, thinking, making and creating a direct impact to our collective tomorrow. 

In our first people and project series we feature the Waipapa Christchurch Hospital with its 838 km of cabling, that’s close to the length of the South Island in electrical cabling in a building with 11 levels and 14 operating theatres!

Discover more about Waipapa here

In series two - ‘The Ultimate’ our engineers took creative license and a little light hearted imaginative thinking to recreate items we use in our everyday lives and it’s in this space that the curious minds of Beca are truly revealed. Our innovative thinkers are always pushing boundaries to find creative solutions to solve complex challenges, even if it’s in good humour. Keep an eye on this imaginative series as we continue to explore making everyday better through connecting people and innovative thinking. 

First up check out the quality controlled toaster – after 2020 we couldn’t think of a better time to have fun and take the burn out of ‘burnt out’!!

Check out our Ultimate Toaster here

Toaster 1

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

"Charles R. Swindoll"

Designing for better solutions

The process of questioning and being an engineer means challenging standards. Our focus is on designing better solutions that create efficient, sustainable and beautiful spaces for our communities.

When you join the Beca Buildings team, be prepared to question the everyday and add your take on reality.

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