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At the heart of our Buildings teams, we are engineers we love having big problems to solve to make everyday better for our clients and communities. We also like to have fun, so we challenged our team to collaborate and turn their creativity towards redesigning and improving everyday items. This collaboration frees the minds and encourages creative thinking in a fun environment, leading to innovation and ground breaking problem solving in our everyday work.

First up, we tackled the humble but high performing electric toaster.

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The Ultimate

Creative Design

Quality control

Bread quality control and dimensional checking for uniform cook setting and energy efficiency.

Creative Design

In case of emergency

Large easy to locate emergency stop button - just in case

Creative Design

Visual Inspection

Viewing panel and interior LED lighting to allow visual inspection during toasting process.

Creative Design

Seamless Connectivity

Bluetooth interface to kettle, so your cup of tea can be co-ordinated for optimum delivery.

Creative Design

Full Control

Lockable power supply that nobody can turn off without me noticing so I don't wait ages for toast that isn't working

Creative Design

Smart heating

Heat recovery returns waste leaving top of toaster to bottom to pre-heat incoming cold air.

Creative Design

Optimal heating

Insulated casing for heat retention.

Creative Design

Lighting Indicator

Under chassis exterior LED lighting with presence detection to assist with finding the toaster for midnight snacks. Dual function LED's also operate with colour changing as toast moves through cooking stages.

Creative Design

Countdown Voice Timer

Visual and audible countdown timer so you are ready with the marmalade.

Creative Design

Consistency is key

Conveyor belt system to ensure even toasting.

Creative Design

Identity Recognition

Finger print scanner, identifies the user and recovers their toast preference information.

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Everyday Object



To always make it just how I like it!

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Side Vision Panel + Interior LED Lighting to allow visual inspection

Insulated casing for heat retention

Returns waste heat leaving top of toaster to bottom to preheat incoming cold air

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Our daily job entails looking and seeking the best innovation.

When you join the Beca Buildings team, be prepared to question the everyday and add your take on reality.

“We had fun with our teams enhancing the best features of an everyday item.”

Ben Hume – Beca Buildings Team.

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